Registry Program

I'm excited you are interested in setting up a registry ! 


What is it?     

The registry program I offer is exactly what it sounds like! When you shop at BuyBuyBaby or Target, how do you let your family and friends know what you'd like? You sign up for a registry! Same exact concept going on over here. You will sign up, tell me which type of session(s) you would like to register for and I will provide you with a link for friends and family to send donations/gifts to your account!

The Process

After officially booking a session with me, you may go ahead and fill out the registry form. Once I receive your form, I will add it to the registry directory and you will receive a notification with your personalized url to share with family/friends or add to your invitations! 

Getting the Word Out 

You will be able to easily share your registry page with family and friends! On your page there is a "share" button where you can publish the registry to any of your social media accounts! Another successful way to get the word out to family and friends is to place your registry link within baby shower invitations! I also provide adorable registry cards for your invites {upon request}!

Registry Types

At this time you can only set up a Registry for one or all of the following sessions:

  • Birth
  • Fresh48
  • Lifestyle Newborn