What to expect from the moment you book a session:

I like to set expectations upfront. Here is what your average booking for a classic session looks like:

The Planning:  We will collaborate prior to the session. I love having my clients create a private Pinterest board to serve as a mood board so that we can be on the same page in regard to the feel that is desired from this experience. However, of course, I will put my spin and style on every image. I am not a fan of duplicating other photographer's work. From there, we will discuss the location and all of the in between details. I can and will get as detail oriented as you like ( even down to picking out what to wear ).

The Moment: We will meet up and because we have discussed the entire session during the planning period, everyone will know what to expect and be completely comfortable! ( No awkward "Whaaaat do I do with my hands?!" moments here - Haha).   

The Anticipation: I know that the anticipation of receiving your images can be killer - SO - I like to give a sneak peek within a few days after the session ( lets face it - I am excited to get crackin' on your session too!). My max turnaround time is 2 weeks. If you do not receive your digital album within that time frame you will receive +10 extra digital images to your package. 

The Reward: Ah, the moment is here! You received "THE E-MAIL"! The e-mail will contain an invitation to access your online album. No - you do not have to register or create a username, it is really that simple ;). Once you log in you will see all of your images! If you purchase the entire album upfront you will be able to download ALL of the high resolution images immediately to your computer ( that is correct - no waiting for a disc in the mail ). If you have selected a standard package you will select your favorites and once you let me know that all of your favorites have been selected - I will release those images to you for immediate download to your computer.


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