The Princess and the perspective

When I was a child, I never feared storms - ever. In fact, I enjoyed watching them with my mother as they rolled by and when it was safe - you could pretty much always find me dancing or playing in the rain. I have lost count of how many rain boots, umbrellas and rain coats I was given as gifts when I was younger. It was my heart and soul... most of my friends sang "rain rain go away" while I would have joy slammed across my face... However, since moving to MS storms started to become a "let me check the radar and see if I need to worry" situation ( thank you Tornadoes ). Today, we had a "normal storm" and as it was leaving there were still remnants of rain clouds bringing intermittent showers. My daughter Emi looked out the door and shouted "Mommy, it looks magical!" I got up and looked, she was right, the puddles on the ground reflecting the small glimpse of sunlight, the soft sprinkle lightly hitting the leaves, the beautiful petals from our crape myrtle spread across the ground like snow. I looked at the wonder in her eyes and it struck me - somewhere along the line something changed in me.


There is nothing in the world quite as powerful. 

Some people say it is easy to get caught in a mundane life.. but I think it is really just easy to perceive your life as being mundane. This can happen by getting stuck in a bad habit of choosing to focus on the negative / stressors rather than the positive / silver lining. It is vital to remember in those seasons to try to find fresh and healthy perspective. My daughter ( unknowingly ) provided this for me today, and I am so thankful. 

After all of this took a second to sink in, I looked in to those big brown eyes and asked if she wanted to play in the rain with me. She jumped up for joy and shouted "YES! LIKE A PRINCESS!", and so... we did. 

May you find fresh perspective this week.