Baby E's Surprise Gender Reveal Birth Story - Madison, MS Birth Photographer

Can I just start out by saying how awesome it is to serve at and document a family member's birth story? My cousin Steffen is very dear to my heart, so I was a bit nervous to meet Kathleen for the first time, but within moments of meeting here she had smiles, jokes, and laughter filling the room - needless to say we immediately hit it off!  I love and admire this woman for so many reasons. She truly has the heart of a servant, she is extremely pleasant to be around and the atmosphere that surrounds her allows people to relax and be themselves. She is a rare find, a true beauty and she inspires me daily. I love these three from the deepest parts of my heart.

When Steffen and Kathleen asked me to be present at the hospital as  birth support, my heart skipped a beat! YES - With out a doubt I knew I would be there ( even though they are about 3 hours away ). One fun detail is that they kept the gender of their baby a SURPRISE! Only the OB and Ultra Sound techs knew what little squish's gender was. Of course we all weighed in our thoughts ;) .. So as time went on I prepared myself to be an effective support through birth and also was gear ready to document it when I had time to pick up the camera when the time called.  The honor of being part of their birth team is something I will always treasure - something I will never forget.

Do you want to talk about perseverance? About selflessness? Do you want to see support at its finest? Take a look. 

(( Birth Video at the end )) Don't forget to watch!

I walk into the room and.. my heart skips a beat to see them.. 

She labors. He supports.
A contraction rises and she breathes through it... 

Her head down resting between each contraction as they grow stronger.. she fiercely labors her sweet baby.. she gets ready to go back to the water as intensity rises - he doesn't leave her side.

I look and notice how he has written affirmations to read for her... I look back at this family and tears fill my eyes... they are just so beautiful.

The time is close and she holds on ... a strength she never knew radiating from deep inside to the tips of her fingers - she labors .. They are a team .. the wonder of the little person they are about to meet ... the wonder of parenthood .. her mind tempted to race but so internally focused - she labors .. yet they work together as one.

  It is time. They are ready. She labors - her body works with her baby. He supports - he loves and encourages the two of them. 

She exerts every ounce of energy she has left after hours of labor to bring their baby earthside. Anticipation of son or daughter but the desire to just hold their sweet babe - it is overwhelming and so she lets out a birth warrior growl.

Tears flowing they hear the sweetest noise they've ever heard - her first cry. 

Welcome earthside beautiful Eleanor ! The world is glad to meet you .. 

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