Lifestyle video fusions - Are you ready?- Madison, ms family photographer

Families of Madison, MS are you ready for a different type of family photoshoot? There is definitely a time for coordinated clothes and posed photos, but not with this session! A Lifestyle video fusion with Churchin Photography is a little like your usual 'Day in the Life' but minus hanging out all day. I will document just a few hours of your day to capture one of your favorite daily routines, family traditions, etc. The sky is the limit with this little powerball of a session packed in to this 2-4 hours.. I can't help but to think of Aladdin - 'ULTIMATE COSMIC POWER... itty bitty living space'. Go ahead and watch the video below to see what A Moment in Time with Churchin Photography looks like.

Oh and don't worry - you will not have my voice in your video fusion ;) I mean, unless you really want me narrate - Haha! ).

It would be greatly appreciated if you could share this on your page to spread the word as I ! :) Thanks so much friends!