I am not a Home for Fear


She waits to meet her girls and the fear tries to make itself at home - but she won't let it. She has decided her mind is a home for peace.

Fear tries to creep up, and it is tempting, yet she remains strong at the gates. She will not let it in.

She is you. She is a mother with a love so deeply dwelling, so unconditional, so unwavering. She chooses the peace which stems from that love from inside her, It is deep. Deep in her womb and still deeper - it is now knitted in the fibers of her being.

Though tempting, & though some seasons present themselves as frightening - let us not give in to the temptations of fear. Let us dig deep within and pull from the love that motherhood brings and command peace in our minds and hearts. Let us guard them and set standards for what we allow in. 


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