She is like her Momma

My sweet Adelyn. She is growing way too fast! It just hit me this morning that she will be one this month. My heart is so full of joy but aches in knowing she isn't going to be a "baby" much longer.  

"Slow down.."  I whisper to her. Though I know those words won't keep.

To help ease the ache, I decided to document one of my favorite things to do with her - PLAY! So, I grab my camera and pull out some blankets and toys. She climbs up on the couch and falls backward onto the chair ( this is currently her favorite thing to do ). She is a daring darling - always has been. BUT she falls over, is unamused about getting stuck and needs some comfort. I scoop her up and nurse her. I know these nursing moments are just as fleeting, so I savor and document them as well ( self-portrait ). She POPS her little foot up on my neck ( just as she has always done ) and continues to nurse until she is soothed.


She is ready to play again. She chooses dolls, she has signs of a nurturing little spirit already. 

While I stand by, documenting her interacting with her babies, my heart skips and a tear comes to my eye as I notice something.. The way she looked at the doll baby, the placement of the leg, the head, the way she gently held her...

She was mirroring the love and affection I had just shown her. 

( yup scroll back up. She nailed it! LOL )

Yes, total mom moment. Anyway, I was glad I captured that because it did not last but 30 seconds till that doll was on the floor and Addie was off to the next one- Ha! The next baby gets some love and attention then Addie gets distracted. She looks around and finds her buddy, Bailey. He is so great with the girls! I couldn't ask for a better fur-baby. The two of them look out the window and hang out all the time, it melts my heart! 

This girl. I love how she plays, it makes me laugh and warms my heart. She is so daring but gentle, it is quite a combination that I am glad to now have captured to put in my family year book!  

I am so thankful that family sessions with the Churchins don't have to be stressful. This was about 30 minutes of play time! PLAY TIME, y'all. Now I have some awesome photos that I cherish, and didn't stress the absolute tar out of me or my daughter. I enjoy that documentary photography provides the ability to captivate real personalities. I get to remember who she is in this season.. It is beautiful - These moments are beauty.