Laundry Can Be Fun


Laundry. probably the most loathed chore in most households.

I used to have a sign in my laundry room that said something to the effect of the load will always be there, but my children will not.  Yes, that sign ( which sounded like a good idea when I printed it ) had the power to simultaneously justify my procrastination and make me want to go cry in my pantry eating some Brookside chocolate Acai berries. Ha! Needless to say I ended up throwing it out when I thought of something crazy:

Why not do laundry with my girls?

Why wait until nap time to do it? Nap time is waaay to sacred to waste on laundry! Anyway, I started doing laundry alongside my little ones and we love it. Some days we get it done and are ready for a new week and I'm over here doing a victory dance like #winning. THEN. Then there are days like this - days were the underlying message of that old sign fills the atmosphere and the room is now a place of adventure where flying clothes and giggles become weaved into the fibers of their memories. Ah, these are the moments I love the most - moments of joy. 

Of course I grab my camera for a quick capture and then join in on the fun... then we pile it all back up.. fold and put away. After a while, I go back and look at the images, and a tear streams down my face because at the end of the day that darn sign is right... they won't always be little like this. I won't always have them here, but here I have this - this photo to remind me of ( what my daughter called ) the "funnest laundry day of my entire LIFE". A lesson learned for me - laundry can be fun... when you throw it at each other ;). 



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