Emilia - A Birthday Story

I cannot believe it - my oldest is now three! I went through today with camera in hand as to document it how I would a day in the life session. Why? ... because ... not only do I want to remember this day and her sweet and spunky personality during this season of life. I do this for her as an heirloom. I want her husband, her friends, her children to be able to have something in addition to a posed snapshot of life. I want them to see her personality, how she's grown through life. I am sure all of my iPhone images will be lost somehow, there may be remnants of Facebook images by the time she is older - so when I am an empty nester and I'm missing my baby - I want to be able to pull out that beautiful album of professional images - that little hard drive with her video so I can hear that precious three year old voice say "I love you mommy". Oh, be still my heart! I tear up thinking about it.

Ok - so before waterworks start in this momma's eyes, here is my little girl's THIRD birthday in a nutshell.