The Days are Long. The Years are short.

"Mommy! I read book!", she exclaimed as she ran into her room. She then picked out a book, ran across the house to my room and jumped right up on the bed. I looked at her in awe, it amazed me how she knows exactly what book she wants and where she wants to 'read' it - such independence! The lighting caught my attention, it was gorgeous and she was completely lost in the book, so naturally the photographer in me came out, and I ran to grab my camera.

I snuck back in to the room so she didn't see me, and as I looked through the lens it hit me - there was a toddler sitting there in front of me, not a baby anymore - she will be two in one week! Before I could get any other shots of her in her own little world, my phone beeped and she looked up at me with a giant smile. Clearly she is a photographer's child, because she came right to the camera and hammed it up for a minute - haha. She leaned toward me and shot me a few adorable smiles then looked back at her book and asked:

"Mommy, read wif me?...... Pease?" 

I smiled and said "Sure!", but what I was really thinking was "Yes, a thousand times yes I will read with you! I want to read to you because one day you won't ask me to - one day you will be old enough to read for yourself and you won't need me this way. Oh man, it is so true ' The days are long but the years are short,' my heart both aches and is full of joy for the future. " I quickly put my camera down, snuggled this little one up and read her a story from the book she picked out. 

Man, I cannot believe how fast two years goes by. Love you my sweet girl! { Always. Always }.