In Memory of Pax

My heart aches but is filled with such peace- because as the images below confirm- he lived a life every pet hopes for- one with a family who loved him deeply. What a beautiful thing to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. 

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Geyer Family - A Little Announcement - Madison, MS Family Photographer

I had the honor of meeting the Geyer family this past month, they are so sweet! I love meeting new families here in MS. While getting to know them, I found that they love taking walks around the neighborhood with their furbaby ( he totally made me want to run home and squeeze Bailey they look so much alike ). While planning the session details, Angela wanted to announce something (very) special during our session! Be still my heart. There is something incredibly special about documenting exciting announcements like this, it makes my heart skip a beat. Without further ado - meet the Geyer family: 

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Why I Have a Documentary Approach to Photography

My strengths lie not in 'styling' family portraits, but in capturing family memories

I was then introduced to the world of Birth Photography, which only reaffirmed my love for this official documentary/storytelling approach to photography. Be still my heart! It also showed me that this is where my heart sparks flame. I mauled it over, still unsure of whether I wanted to full force move forward with this approach until something happened.

I came across this one image...

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Laundry Can Be Fun

I used to have a sign in my laundry room that said something to the effect of the load will always be there, but my children will not.  That sign had the power to simultaneously justify my procrastination and make me want to go cry in my pantry eating some Brookside chocolate Acai berries ( Ha! ). Needless to say I ended up throwing it out when I thought of something crazy:

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