Madison, MS Lifestyle + Birth Photographer

A little about me:

My name is Nicole. That is my lovely family in the photo above ( and also on the front page baking in the kitchen ). The Lord is my Rock. My husband is my best friend. I am the mother of two amazing little girls ( Emilia & Adelyn ). We have a sweet lab ( Bailey ), bird ( Lola ) and two bunnies ( Molly & CoCo ). When I'm not running my photography business, you will often find me at home with my family playing games, doing arts & crafts ( not minding the pile of laundry over there in the corner ), or out and about exploring this new state ( Mississippi ) that we recently moved to! 

My Style:

As a lifestyle photographer, I enjoy capturing the art of the every day. When you book this type of session, you have the luxury to leave your camera and worries behind and just be in the moment... Whether it is at the park with your family or baking in the kitchen with your children - be there. Whether your little one is approaching a milestone or birthday  - be thereGet messy with arts and crafts, laugh, and embrace the chaos - they are only little once. Soon they (may) start cleaning up their own mess, getting ready for prom, focusing on a new hobby - just be with them. Let me take care of preserving the moments that you desire to soak in. 

We often find ourselves scrambling for our phones or cameras - only to end up missing out on being a part of it or saddened at the thought of fleeting moments and worried about memories being lost. So, even just for a short while, I want to give you the luxury to be there - Be in the moment.